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DIAGMA, a strategic, tactical, and operational consulting firm specializing in Supply Chain Management, helps companies design, implement and operate a Supply Chain that has the intelligence to adapt to their business model, serving their customers, to create sustainable value. From diagnosis to implementation, through the co-construction of the target, the firm also helps its customers in the choice of the most suitable technologies and information systems, as well as in the integration of new skills, through the recruitment of resources or training.

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Regularly called to review and optimize their clients' logistics networks, DIAGMA must model them upstream using their own data, but also not those of their clients. In addition, the company uses Upply's SMART solution to obtain cost data on new destinations or routes, especially in maritime and air transport. This allows DIAGMA's consultants to save time and obtain qualitative data in a few minutes (vs. requesting rates from multiple carriers, which can take several days). Thus, they strengthen their transportation data and are able to offer more robust models to their clients. For example, the firm assisted a client manufacturing luxury goods to study air costs from various airports such as Paris, Amsterdam and Milan to several non-European airports.

Sometimes, certain prices in the UPPLY database cover a fairly large geographical area, such as maritime rates to countries like Congo or Senegal, or to South America, when in reality prices are different for each port. This is why UPPLY publishes a confidence index (A, B, C, D, E) which makes it possible to adapt and qualify the robustness of the analyses. It allows DIAGMA to make their data models even more efficient, and to perform sensitivity analyses more easily across various scenarios, to the greater satisfaction of their customers.

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