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General information

What is Upply?

Upply is a tool that simplifies and facilitates the Supply Chain. Anyone can use it to communicate however they want and whenever they want. Upply’s goal is simple: to bring transparency and flexibility to the Supply Chain, thereby redefining its core aspects.

Who is Upply for?

Upply is for any company offering goods transport services, or who has transport needs. Upply is perfect for carriers (transport, delivery, and logistics companies), loaders, but also commissioners of transport, consulting firms, or any other players interested in the Supply Chain industry, like students. As a dedicated operational partner, Upply provides transparent information and cutting-edge tools to help players managing their Supply Chain, and make informed decisions.

Who are the people who purchase services on the Upply marketplace?

Any professional looking for goods transport capacities can become a client of Upply. Each company is verified by Upply to ensure the marketplace is only used by reliable professional shippers.

Who are the people who sell services on the Upply marketplace?

Any professional offering goods transport capacities can become a client of Upply. Each company is verified by Upply to certify its identity, its registration with the registry of shippers, and its professional ability.

How does Upply get revenue from the marketplace?

Upply applies a 2.5% fee to both the buyer (sender) and the seller (carrier). This fee is indicated when the order is placed and on the invoice: from one side, the fee is added to the price of transport for the buyer, and the other the fee is subtracted from the sum paid by Upply to the carrier after delivering the transport service.

About the comparison and analysis service

How does the “compare prices” tool work?

The benchmarking service analyzes 60 million prices and places your price on the market’s price range in real time. There are 3 modes of transport: road (Europe and the US), air, and maritime shipping worldwide. It is updated weekly.

What algorithm does the “compare prices” tool use?

The algorithms are based on the analysis of a database containing over 60 million data points, updated continuously (use of the platform and verified partners). They anonymize, encrypt, guard, and integrate the different data sources in real time: the more the platform is used, the more reliable and precise the results will be.

In the “compare & analyze” tool, where does the data come from?

Upply has 2 data sources: the data entered by our users through the “compare prices” tool, and data shared by our partners – senders, carriers, and commissioners –. All the data is anonymized, encrypted, and guarded before being aggregated to model the market.

Is there a limited number of requests for the “compare prices” tool?

Unregistered users can access 10 requests on the Upply platform. To get unlimited requests, register for free on our website.

What format is available for my “compare a budget” report?

“Compare a budget” (SmartScan) reports can be downloaded as PDFs. But stay tuned, because new formats will be available soon!

How long will it take for me to receive my “compare a budget” report?

You’ll get your SmartScan report in just a few minutes. It can be even quicker (less than 30 seconds, you won’t even have time to grab a coffee!). The standard Upply model is available directly in the “compare a budget” section.

Can I set a per user quota?

The volumes are set depending on the bundle the company chooses, and may not be divided among users. The total use of the quota is therefore aggregated among all users.

Our Packages

Who can buy a package?

Subscription to a paid package requires the creation of a user account attached to a company.

How to pay my package?

As soon as you have signed the quote, our team activates your package from the desired date. You receive the invoice the day of activation of your package. This is to be paid by bank transfer to Upply’s bank account within 30 days. Otherwise, your package may be disabled.

How to modify the options of my package?

To modify the users of an Access or Advanced package, please call our Customer Service. To modify your corridors, you can also contact our Customer Service.

Can I pay my package each month rather than once?

The package is payable at one time for the full year. Annual payment only.

At the end of my package, can I keep my data?

Data related to the use of Smart services are attached to the user. If the user is no longer subscribed, he no longer has access to his data.

Can I test the Upply services offered in the packages before subscribing?

Upply offers each company, upon request, a 30-day free trial to test all the services offered in our packages (excluding API).

About the Transportation Service (Shippers)

How are prices calculated?

The price displayed on an offer corresponds to the price offered by the carrier plus the Upply fee. Additionally, the loader may select additional services during the order, the price of which will be added to the total amount of the service.

What matching algorithm is used to match requests with offers?

Offer and demand matching is done according to 5 criterion: origin, destination, weight, height, and date.

What types of goods may I ship?

As of today, you can only ship “general cargo”. Other types of goods (hazardous material, refrigerated goods, etc.) will be added soon.

Can I send goods abroad?

As of today, only road transport for freight within France is available. Upply is looking to expand progressively to this mode of transport in other countries, and to other modes of transport.

Are the GT&Cs displayed on the Upply website applicable to the carrier or Upply?

Today, the GT&Cs signed by the buyer and the seller are the ones set by Upply (default transport regulation). They can be replaced/supplemented with the carrier’s GT&Cs in a future version.

May I get in touch with the carrier/loader?

Upply offers an instant messaging service. It allows a buyer to exchange with a seller before the order and continue to do so while the operation is underway (if there is an order confirmation between the two parties).

How long will my request be active for?

In case you have not found a carrier, your request expires the day after the date of removal.

I can’t find an offer that meets my request. What should I do? Do you have a research service?

Upply is a digital platform that constantly registers new requests and new offers. You will be informed by email as soon as an offer meets the specifications of your request. Feel free to reach out to our customer service if you can’t find an offer when your request reaches its term.

Can I choose the carrier?

Upply’s marketplace is committed to presenting you all the offers that meet your needs. The buyer is free to choose the offer that appeals the most to him/her after chatting with the different sellers.

When will I be billed?

Once the proof of delivery (CMR or consignment note) is downloaded by the carrier and verified by our teams, Upply generates two invoices and sends them to the buyer: one proving the transport service was executed (issued on behalf of the carrier), and a second one outlining Upply’s commission of 2.5%. Payment should be made within 30 days of the delivery date.

What happens if the carrier doesn’t show up?

According to Upply's general terms and conditions, if a carrier does not show up, he risks having to compensate the buyer. Our customer service can walk you through compensation options.

How should I organize the shipping with the seller?

The buyer as the seller may use the instant messaging feature on each order. He thus dialogues with the seller throughout the order and until the execution of the transport.

About the Transportation Service (Carriers)

What is the “instant booking” feature?

When the seller selects this option, he commits to immediately accepting the request of a buyer for his offer. This feature lets the buyer be certain that he will obtain the service he is looking for.

What are the accepted shipping and delivery zones?

As of today, you can only offer France-France road transport. Upply will progressively extend the geographic reach of its marketplace services.

How can I find available loads?

Upply always discloses the information in an effort to be neutral and fair. This is why the seller undertakes to provide all of his offer’s details to find available loads. He therefore must first post his offer before finding available loads that meet the specifications of his offer.

Can I choose the buyer?

When the offer matches with several requests, the seller may pick the one he prefers among the different buyers (“standard reservation”). He may not choose a request for which the buyer has not yet formulated a “standard reservation”. However, he may reach out this buyer via the Upply messaging feature.

What is the billing process?

As soon as the proof of delivery is verified by the Upply team, we’ll automatically send you the invoices. First, the buyer received 2 invoices, one for the transport service, one for the Upply commission. Simultaneously, and for information purposes, the seller receives an invoice for the transport service (the same one the buyer receives). Then, when the buyer’s payment is received, the seller receives a new invoice with the details of the amount he just received (the amount is equal to the price of the transport service minus the Upply fee). Each party may access his invoices in his online account.

Administrative and Data Protection

How do I log into Upply?

You may log into Upply with your username and password. When you first register, you must confirm your email address by clicking on a link in the email sent by Upply.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by logging in to your account and clicking on “Settings” in the menu on the left side of your screen. You will then see a “Change your password” button.

Can I delete my Upply account?

Yes. Here at Upply we know your personal data is sensitive and precious. Simply ask for your account or specific data to be deleted via our contact form, and our team will take care of it.

How does Upply enforce the GDPR?

Upply was created after the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force. We designed a solution that meets all of the regulation’s requirements. Upply understands how crucial data protection is for our users, and safeguarding the privacy of our user’s data is our number one priority.

How is my personal data used?

Upply, acting as the processing manager, uses your personal data to register you as a member on the website, so you can access the “Compare prices” benchmarking service, and “Compare a budget” SmartScan. Depending on your preferences, Upply may also process your personal data to send you email notifications on our products and services. Users have a right to access, rectify, and delete the personal data concerning them. You may also ask to receive your personal data in a format legible on a computer. You have the right to lodge a complaint with a control authority. You may also oppose the processing of your data at any time.

Customer Service

Do you have any other question or need assistance with something?

You can contact our Customer Service by phone or at service.client@upply.com. You can also contact us via Upply’s page on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).