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With SMART solution, benchmark your transport prices and anticipate market changes!

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Tenders, price positioning, optimization of your flows: SMART helps you to see your transport prices more clearly

    • Benchmark thousands of transport prices simultaneously in road, air and sea and get key information on your lines
    • Track price history & anticipate trends on your strategic corridors. Integrate trends into your commercial negotiations

    • Keep up to date with the challenges of transport, supply chain and international trade thanks to the analysis of our experts

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A Transparent Digital Marketplace

Upply connects truckers, forwarders and shippers all over France. Free access.

    • Get access to verified shippers and trucking companies
    • Negotiate directly: Upply does not interfere in the commercial relationship, but takes care of the rest

    • Simplify your transport operations: Upply manages your procedures from A to Z and the customer service accompanies you at every step

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About Upply

Start-up launched in 2018, Upply combines business expertise and Data Science to bring transport and supply chain professionals a digital solution to benchmark and anticipate freight transport prices.

The SMART solution helps shippers, carriers and forwarders in their decision making. Based on Upply data and its experts, Upply also publishes market insights and deciphers the sector's challenges in a neutral manner.

Through its second solution, a digital marketplace, Upply connects shippers' demand with carriers' offers and allows them to set their own prices and conditions. Carriers find new business opportunities, and shippers find transport solutions. As a trusted third party, Upply verifies the documents and the solvency of the actors registered on the platform, manages the administrative procedures from A to Z.

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