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How to get freight with Upply Connect?


In 3 clicks, search for freight according to your criteria anywhere in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain


Send quotes directly to shippers, set your prices


Confirm the delivery with your customer on Upply


Communicate the delivery steps and POD to your customer, receive payment 7 days after transport

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Upply Connect in a few figures

3 times

 less time spent on administrative tasks

7 days

to receive your payment directly into your account

+ 200 loads

from hundreds of shippers on a daily basis

They use Upply Connect to grow their transport business

With Upply Connect, I save time and money in my business development. The platform allows me to have new opportunities with new shippers, without advancing any costs.

Nicols Liotier, CEO Transports Liotier

We prefer working through Upply so that we can operate directly with our customers. In this way, we avoid the vicious circle of cascading subcontractors by working with solid shippers. Upply is the future for building relationships of trust between carriers and their clients.

Mario Martins, CEO MRTI

By joining Upply, we can continue to work more digitally and more quickly with our customer, Intermarché, and we can take advantage of a platform that saves us a lot of time on the commercial development of our business.

Omar Ghanjaoui, Sales Engineer Amiratrans

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And more...
Upply is also the platform for benchmarking and analysing transport prices

Freight rate developments, transport price indexes, anticipation of pricing trends... Upply also supports you in this challenge to help you better control price volatility


Need to benchmark and monitor international transport prices?

Discover Smart, Europe's leading solution for benchmarking & analysing global freight rates (road, sea, air) using Data Science.

Market Insights

Need a deeper understanding of transport and supply chain challenges?

For you, Upply experts provide analysis of the challenges of the global transport and trade market and publish exclusive insights every week.

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