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Paris, October 2nd, 2019
Upply launches a digital marketplace for road transport professionals

Upply has launched a 100% digital marketplace dedicated to road freight transport professionals in France, thus bringing transparency, flexibility and responsiveness to the market. This service puts carriers and freight shippers in direct contact with each other.

Upply enables professionals to buy and sell capacities through its new 100% digital marketplace, thereby furthering its ambition to create new services connecting offer and demand in the world of transport and logistics.

Working towards digitalisation of the sector


Upply is reinventing the relationship between carriers, shippers and freight forwarders by giving each one the freedom to set its price. Each company registered in the marketplace is subject to a prior check of its administrative documents (Kbis business registration, transport licence, etc.) to enable reliable professionals to do business with each other. Post a freight offer or request via an online form containing all the specifics of the shipment: origin, destination, weight and volume of the load, vehicle options and desired price for the service. An algorithm is used to match offers and demands in real time. The carrier can see the different shipping requests that correspond to the characteristics of their offer and, by the same token, the shipper is able to see the different transport offers that meet their needs. Each player is immediately notified of the best freight and transport opportunities. Freight offers and demands are matched using the following criteria: origin, destination, date of pick up, weight and dimensions. Price is not an influencing factor, thus leaving carrier and shipper free to enter into negotiations. The exchanges are direct and facilitated thanks to the instant messenger available on the marketplace.


The experience is digitised end-to-end: buyers and sellers contract with each other, the processes are digitised as far as possible and both parties are informed of the step-by-step progress of their order, POD is paperless, and lastly, the payment is made online. The marketplace’s revenue comes from a management fee corresponding to 5% of the transport price agreed between the buyer and the seller. This amount is split evenly between the parties, since the buyer and the seller each pay Upply 2.5% of the transport price.


The scope To date, the marketplace is accessible from 19 countries for transport operations to be carried out in France:

• The origin and destination of the freight must be in mainland France.

• Countries which buy transport capacity: France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia.

• Countries which sell transport capacity: France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany.

The marketplace will gradually expand to include other countries.

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About Upply

Launched in November 2018, Upply is a digital marketplace dedicated to transport and supply chain professionals. Upply is redefining the fundamentals of the market by offering digital solutions to overcome the volatility of transport prices and a marketplace that directly connects shippers and freight carriers. In keeping with its vision of a world where the supply chain must be simple and fluid, Upply allows professionals (carriers, shippers, consulting firms, freight forwarders) to overcome the opacity of information and the imbalance between supply and demand on the market.
Upply employs data scientists, logistics and IT professionals, and digital experts. The company is based in Paris.

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