Compare a price

Position your transport tariff in relation to the observed median* for air and sea worldwide; roads in Europe and the United States.

  • Comparing your prices has never been easier and faster
  • Minimize your tendering processes
  • Save up to 90% of the time spent positioning your rate and
    get price dispersion* in real time
  • Create your own personalized alerts to stay informed

*Based on the data collected by Upply,
its partners and users

Compare a budget

A synthetic vision of the positioning of your transport prices in a few minutes: the ideal support for your company strategy whether you are shippers, carriers, freight forwarders or consultants! (only from a PC/Mac) :

  • Road, air, sea: choose your transportation mode
  • Save time, analyze thousands of prices in minutes (up to 100,000 transport lines)
  • Compare freight rates with the price dispersion estimated by Upply
  • Optional API service available: integrate Upply into your TMS and internal applications


Preparing tenders, negotiating prices, building a budget, monitoring transport prices: Upply's new "Trends" feature is a valuable decision-making tool for all actors in the Supply Chain and transport sectors.

  • In 3 clicks, access past and future pricing trends for the main trade corridors
  • Choose your corridor from 4 modes - road freight in France, US road freight, sea freight and air freight.
  • Instantly, you get the evolution of transport rates over the last 6, 12 or 24 months.
  • New data is integrated to enrich our service: you are always informed of the latest pricing trends.