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By using Upply’s Smart solution, ClearD3 gains a crystal-clear perspective on the transport market, thanks to an intuitive interface and robust European road transport data. What truly sets Upply apart is its transparent data sourcing, as demonstrated through methodologies and confidence indices on the platform. As a consulting pricing company, we collaborate with a multitude of transport professionals. Upply brings them a comprehensive understanding of market trends and a strategic advantage in positioning themselves against competitors on specific lanes.

Taron Ganjalyan, Managing Director ClearD3

We use Upply Smart solution to obtain cost data on “exotic” destinations, on new routes for our customers, particularly those by sea and by air.
This allows us to save time and obtain qualitative data in a few minutes (vs. requesting rates from multiple carriers, which can take several days).
It allows us to make our data models even more efficient, and to perform sensitivity analyses more easily across various scenarios, to the greater satisfaction of our customers.

Léandre Boulez, Associate Diagma

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